H2Technology is the first Italian Hydrogen Consortium in the USA

Italian SMEs now have facilitated access
to North America’s Oil & Gas market

The H2Technology Consortium helps its members develop new business within the US hydrogen ecosystem in the heart of the country’s Oil & Gas sector. 

Ventures Bridge, has partnered with Gruppo CTA to create this private consortium headquartered in Houston, Texas, now known as the energy capital of the world. 

The state of Texas has the resources and infrastructure to become a global hydrogen hub. And hydrogen, which is the most abundant element in the world today, can radically transform todays energy industry, thanks to unlimited supplies. 


The Consortium’s goal is to develop the market for Italian hydrogen technologies in the US and help integrate them in future O&G infrastructures, cities and communities.

The Consortium’s mission is to bridge a strong connection between Italy and the US thus creating a strategic network of operational and sales partners that focus on production, transportation, storage and mobility.

The Consortium offers a range of services that include feasibility and market studies and strategic marketing plans as well as local administrative, legal and tax consultancy support. The consortium provides specific and in-depth information on North American norms and legislations and carries out key networking and promotional activities to help members slide into the O&G market.

To learn more about how to become a member and the advantages of the membership, contact us at:

info@h2technology.org, Tel. +1-888-484-4673, www.h2technology.org

The H2Technology Consortium was founded by:

Ventures Bridge, is a global business development consulting firm, headquartered in Houston, US with offices in Turin, Italy. Ventures Bridge help Italian and European SMEs internationalize and expand to foreign markets by providing a gateway to business in North America.

Gruppo CTA is one of the largest global suppliers of stainless steal pipes with a handling capacity of 200K tons per year. CTA has offices in northern Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Hong Kong e Kazakistan.