MADFLEX and PATCH REPAIR – an outstanding substitute to standard welding

Composite Research is an Italian startup that invented and patented MADFLEX, a multilayered material that:

  • is lightweight and flexible;
  • provides acoustic and thermal isolation;
  • protects from vibrations;
  • is highly resistant.

How does this revolutionary technology substitute welding? 

Madflex Patch Repair (link to tech spec or video)

Ventures Bridge is supporting Composite Research in their internationalization process and the marketing expansion of Madflex Patch Repair – a flexible resistant, air proof and leak proof tape that repairs industrial pipes.  Made with the MADFLEX technology, this tape literally substitutes an often complex welding process with amazing results. 

Taking on the Oil & Gas sector like a storm. 

The applications and uses of the MADFLEX technology are not only limited to the PATCH REPAIR product, which is a real game changer in intricate industrial plants. The market push is now focussed on the Oil & Gas sector and the product certification is being completed in partnership with ItalGas, An Italian giant and market leader in the Oil & Gas sector.

Those impossible to reach places where welding is costly and complicated  can now be solved with almost miraculous simplicity.  Until today, repairing pipe leaks in small or big industrial plants was not feasible without shutting down an entire production line or even dismantling one part of a machine to fix another part. Madflex Patch Repair is like tape and acts like welding.

View this repair Video

Read more about the Technical specifications


Infinite potential across industrial sectors 

The MADFLEX composite materials are used in numerous industries:

  • in the automative and aeronautical sectors for interior furnishings
  • in the Oil & Gas sector repairing pipes without welding and instead using adhesive patches
  • in the medical field to build orthopaedic wheelchairs and stretchers
  • for construction creating lightweight, durable panels.

Madflex has been used to build sturdy suitcases, create waterproof flexible hinges, in medical devices for heart massage and for bio degradable utensils in the food and beverage industry.

If you want to know how MADFLEX technology can improve your industry, contact us here

V-Shapes and Richmatt team up to deliver single-dose sachets in Malaysia and Indonesia

V-Shapes’ innovative single-dose sachet is about to take on this corner of the world.

Ventures Bridge is proud to be V-Shapes sales partner, promoting this innovative and practical packaging solution across the globe that produces single-dose sachets that can be opened with a single gesture using one hand.

The world of packaging is changing thanks to climate change issues, the push for a greener planet and the effects of the pandemic, placing increased attention on sustainable solutions and more focus on safety and hygiene.

Can packaging really do all this?

The answer is yes! V-Shapes’ unique solution produces less waste, is more recyclable throughout the product’s life cycle, is cost-effective and enables shipment of more product in less space. And that’s just scratching the surface of the value this revolutionary solution can bring to brands, packaging converters and co-packers alike.

V-Shapes sachets are hygienic, reduce product waste and spoilage and increase consumer convenience — no messy spills and no need for scissors or other implements.  And they are comprised of sustainable, recyclable substrates that reduce the environmental impact of single-dose packaging. In addition to the unique sachet design, V-Shapes has also created the packaging machines which fill, seal and cut the sachets, producing a final product that also includes high-quality branding and messaging through easily customized digital printing.


Success stories from around the globe

South African company, EasyPack Packaging, acquired a V-Shapes ALPHA machine to package food products such as honey, peanut butter, grappa and olive oils. CEO, Dr. Hennie du Plessis, says, “With this six-lane machine, we can produce close to 350,000 single-dose sachets per day. We are remarkably busy talking with overseas customers and believe we can keep two six-lane ALPHA machines busy full-time!”

In Thailand, NR Instant, a leading global manufacturer of sustainability produced ethnic, plant-based and functional foods, has four V-Shapes ALPHA packaging lines installed to support domestic and international distribution of a variety of products, including hand sanitizer. They also co-pack third-party products using the V-Shapes ALPHA lines.

“We decided to partner with V-Shapes in December 2019,” says NR Instant CEO Dan Pathomvanich. “We saw it as a super-cool solution that has provided us with a packaging option that unique and is very different from what everyone else is offering.”

Managing Partner Cesar Garcia of Health Supply US states, “Our original plan was to contract out the manufacture of single-dose branded sachets of hand sanitizer that we could hand out at events and for other uses. But it quickly became evident that it made more sense to actually install the equipment in our North Carolina plant. And once we installed our first ALPHA, we were already on our way to our second. With V-Shapes ALPHA, we can easily do on-site printing rather than outsourcing it.”

“We are looking forward to replicating these successes in Malaysia and Indonesia as well through our partnership with Richmatt,” adds Christian Burattini.


Read more here about products and services from V-Shapes here.

Download the V-Shapes mobile App from Google Play or the Apple App Store to see how these unique single-dose sachets can do a great job of representing just about any brand!

V-Shapes and Ventures Bridge sales partnership designed to grow visibility and installs for innovative V-Shapes packaging solutions.

Further expansion in Europe and the Far East anticipated

V-Shapes is an Italian producer of eco-friendly, single-portion sachets that enables products to be dispensed with a single gesture using one hand. Ventures Bridge is a global business developer that is helping increase installations of this revolutionary product on the globe!

V-Shapes offers an innovative single-dose, packaging solution for gel and liquid products in the cosmetics, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, medical and chemical markets. As V-Shapes’ sales partner, the goal of Ventures Bridge is to ensure that this innovative packaging solution gains visibility around the globe. Says Fabio Malfara, “Our partnership with V-Shapes is a perfect fit. We have already successfully promoted one of the most innovative packaging solutions on the market today in six countries and are looking forward to expanding that reach.”  Ventures Bridge helped close agreements with agents and distributors of packaging solutions in Poland, Japan, Portugal, Germany, Malaysia and Indonesia, among others. One example is the agreement with Richmatt Solutions in Malaysia and Indonesia and with Ocean System in Poland.

For packaging converters and co-packers – the primary players in the pack-and-fill sector – implementing a V-Shapes machine provides a differentiated offering that will not only delight existing customers but readily attract new ones. It is ideal for short, mid-sized and even some long runs, producing sachets on demand and reducing cycle time. A V-Shapes machine also opens up the opportunity to partner with companies that are not yet ready to introduce digital printing into their operation but want to be able to provide customers with these unique single-dose sachets, further driving growth and profitability.

Read more here about V-Shapes’s packaging machines here

Ventures Bridge is proud to announce its new, US-Italy partnership with Innovacarbon, the revolutionary absorbent material.

Carbon nanotubes based adsorption filters opens up in the USA
Innovacarbon’s unique technology leads to many new paths 

Innovacarbon develops innovative nano structured, carbon material for industrial filtration. These nanotube compounds help filter wastewater from hydrocarbons, exhausted oils, textile dyes and many other pollutants, in a way no other filter on the market today can!


This unique product
will change how the environmental and industry fields
work today. 

A joint venture agreement has been signed between Innovacarbon Srl, the inventor and producer of the carbon nanotubes, Europrogetti Srl, an engineering company that designs and develops advanced technologies for water and wastewater treatment systems and Ventures Bridge Srl, a global business development company that assists a variety of companies to establish themselves on the US market.

Waste water treatment plants are only the beginning

The first phase of expansion will focus on the wastewater business in the Oil & Gas sector and the tannery and textile sector.

An initial market study has revealed many other potential routes

  • industrial and civil waste water treatment plants
  • reduction of chemical and energy consumption in wastewater treatment
  • pollutant recovery for reuse and cost optimization
  • downsizing new treatment plants to reduce start up investment

Says Silvano Storti, the CEO of Europrogetti srl, who is the technical partner in this venture: “The initial test at a textile wastewater treatment plant in India has confirmed amazing results. We can’t wait to get this nanotube technology in other plants. The potential is enormous. After 30 years in the industry, I can confirm that this technology is revolutionary.”

Says Danilo Vuono, founder and inventor of Innovacarbon Srl and the unique nanotube:  “The Innovacarbon nanotubes remove a wide range of contaminants with huge advantages that no other competitor can claim:

  • Filtering is done at a very high adsorption capacity
  • Sludge production is avoided
  • There is no chemical reaction or transformation during filtration process
  • There is no risk of unwanted reactions from by-products or other contaminants that are not present in the original wastewater.
  • Regeneration and reuse of adsorbent material is extremely high
  • The filter integrates into the production process very easily!”

Paolo Valente, co-founder and CEO of Ventures Bridge Inc., adds: “I know we have world winning, breakthrough technology here.  The high performances, the low environmental impact, and the possibility of multiple use cycles make it a unique product on the market and make an incredible impact on improving all those companies that in their production process need purification mechanisms.This joint venture will help us reach markets that really need it.

V-Shapes revolutionizes single dose market with innovative, patented packaging with one-hand opening

V-Shapes’ innovative single portion sachets feature a patented opening system. The sachets open easily with a single gesture using one hand. They are hygienic, reduce product waste and spoilage and increase consumer convenience – no messy spills and no need for scissors or other implements – and they are comprised of sustainable, recyclable substrates. 

It’s the new way to produce single doses of a variety of products, extracting virtually all of the packaged product without waste or spillage. 

Ventures Bridge is V-Shapes’ sales partner and busy placing these revolutionary packaging machines in around the globe. 

V-Shapes sachets are solid, long-lasting packets that are safe and impact-resistant.  They can be produced using materials that are 80% bio-based as well as with monopolymers that are 100% recyclable, while guaranteeing a shelf-life performance not too different from traditional materials. 

The production rate is not the only competitive advantage to these machines.  They are unbeatable when equipped with a digital printer that uses ink jet printing for high-quality on-demand printing of branding and other information on each sachet. Digital printing enables customization of sachets and messaging that is not possible to achieve with conventional single-dose manufacturing processes. 

Read more here about V-Shapes’s packaging machines here. 

For brands, packaging converters and co-packers, the opportunities are limitless. It starts with access to the V-Shapes App where interested parties can create 3D versions of branded sachets to see how their brand and messaging will look on the printed, finished sachets. Because sachets are produced on demand with digital inkjet printing, brands can quickly respond to seasonal, geographic, and other changes in messaging and branding, producing only what is needed and reducing inventory risk. 


V-Shapes’ packaging machines typically come up to volume quickly, reaching a daily packaging rate of single dose sachets that offers a huge improvement over any other available single-unit packaging solutions on the market today. Plus, they are easy to operate, even for a less skilled operator, and have a compact footprint. According to a V-Shapes customer in South Africa, a colleague producing single-unit salad dressing said her current single-serve packaging process requires six times the space required by a V-Shapes ALPHA to produce the same amount of product. 

V-Shapes offers a huge improvement over any other single-dose packaging solution on the market today, thanks to the flexibility of its machines, which include: 

  • Its entry-level single-lane machine, V-Shapes PRIME, that can produce 2,100 finished and filled single-dose sachets per hour, representing an extremely compact solution that enables lean production and fast delivery in minimal space. 
  • V-Shapes ALPHA, a six-lane machine that can produce 20,000 filled and finished single-dose sachets per hour, adding up to 350,000 single-dose sachets in 24 hours. 

Read more here about V-Shapes’s packaging machines here. 

For brands, packaging converters and co-packers, the opportunities are limitless. It starts with access to the V-Shapes App where interested parties can create 3D versions of branded sachets to see how their brand and messaging will look on the printed, finished sachets. Because sachets are produced on demand with digital inkjet printing, brands can quickly respond to seasonal, geographic, and other changes in messaging and branding, producing only what is needed and reducing inventory risk.