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Venture Bridge is alongside entrepreneurs by providing them with a new vertical support model, able to assist them constantly in all development stages.

The close collaboration with our US and European network and partners, allows us to work on local insights and market demands, in order to increase business success rate and revenue streams to the companies, which want to establish business operations in foreign markets.



Here at Ventures Bridge we are committed to funding and building GREAT PRODUCTS abroad. Our focus is on projects and businesses with high-growth potential and innovative products, as well as with a replicable and scalable business model and global markets, both in traditional and emerging sectors.

Ventures Bridge welcomes application during the whole year. Contact us to present your company or projest


Through a structured process involving internal and external sectorial experts, Ventures Bridge evaluate companies that are active in numerous industrial sectors of the Italian economy.

We carefully evaluate each project, and take on only those where we can accomplish the most good. The companies are not necessarily required to be high-tech, however, demonstrating an innovative capacity in designing products or services, in production or organizational processes is essential.

Every year we select and invests in a limited number of hardware startups and help them bring their product to market as quickly as possible.


Since the first contact, we carry out a study, in collaboration with our partners and business office, to verify any opportunities related to your products, we conduct different meetings to understand the perception of potential users, customers and partners, as well as analyze the business plan and related documents.

The companies selected take part to our program of internationalization, support them before, during and after the setup of their business, ensures that businesses have the best opportunity for success and that our partners and investors network are part of it.

Ventures Bridge help every team to find the right business model, to validate a prototype or MVP, to start the process for the necessary certifications, to launch the product on the market and to set up a fundraising funnel.


Venture Bridge invests its own funds and/or facilitates the private placement of capital in companies seeking growth capital.

We select and invest today in the successful firms of tomorrow, purchasing equity participation in innovative businesses, start-up and spin-off. We host companies of different growing stages in order to enable our partners to mitigate investment risks and maximize success rates. A team specialized in expansion and consolidation processes in the market proactively follows and consistently supports the companies in our portfolio.

From time to time, we accept stock-based reimbursement in connection with SMEs and startups which meet our criteria.