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on the American market

Ventures Bridge is an expert and handles all you need to enter the US market.

Ventures Bridge was founded with the goal of helping SMEs enter the US market, easily and successfully. We handle all the commercial and legal aspects of a fully functional US subsidiary so that you can concentrate on production and sales. Together, we will grow your US business.

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We are specialized in the deployment of services to support SMEs, wishing to achieve business growth through international expansion strategies thanks to experienced management and representation.

We work closely with our Clients and concretely participate to the development of their operative initiatives.

In addition to our portfolio of services, we provide a complete infrastructure and personnel to launch and run your US company the first day. We take on all of the necessary business functions and responsibility for the modern operation of your US company.

What we do in pills

Ventures Bridge’s service offering is geared to the operative effectiveness of your daily US business by implementing successful growth strategies.
Discover all the services to help Italian companies market and sell in USA.

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We create foreign companies and forge connections to help US and European organizations achieve more.
We work alongside founders and/or management teams in order to let our partners invest in businesses and projects that are more tangible, predictable and closer to the entrepreneurial activities.

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