Marketing is far more important in the US than in Italy. Through our broad US network we can help with market development. Which are the specific target markets and trade channels for your products? At Ventures Bridge we can define marketing strategies, considering theoretical and practical market studies, as well as plan and conduct the necessary implications. Products and communication tools may even require an ’Americanisation’. To make sure that customer relationships always stay successful we gladly install a CRM database and organise exhibition appearances and similar events.

  • Definition of marketing strategies based on theoretical and practical market analyses
  • Identification of target markets and distribution channels
  • ‘Americanization’ of products and communication portfolios
  • Organization of US trade shows and events
  • Establishing and maintaining contacts with potential customers
  • Media planning and coordination
  • Planning and execution of all kinds of marketing activities
  • Online advertising, online shop, and much more
  • Setup of a CRM database
  • Public relations

Support in establishing your brand with our extensive US network