Encablist, the ultimate cable management, is ready to scale up

As Encablist, the ultimate cable manager, organizes electrical cables, strings and ropes, Encablist – the company which goes by the same name – organizes its launch on the US Market.

Ventures Bridge is proud to announce its new, US-Italy partnership with Encablist.
Now that B2B sales in Italy and Europe are now showing good returns, this revolutionary solution for tangled cables is looking to expand in North America.

Says Andrea …., the company’s CEO and co-founder in Ancona Italy, “This small, versatile, cable organizer effortlessly makes cable management easier than ever. Entering the US market may take a bit more effort, but we’re ready and eager to expand”.

Combine endlessly like Lego

All your tangled, twisted and messy cables can now be organized in just seconds.

This nifty, durable, plastic device comes in two sizes, to hold cable diameters between 1 and 8 mm thick. Weighing just two grams a piece, they create a self-supporting exoskeleton to group your cables together into orderly bunches.

There’s a wide variety of colours, They can be easily carried in your pocket, bag, or toolbox. They’re not abrasive as they slides freely, back and forth on the cable.

No adhesives, no tools, no effort. 
And no more tangles! 

 This cable tamer will not only sort out your twisted cable nightmare, it will conquer the US market!