Ventures Bridge is proud to announce its new, US-Italy partnership with Innovacarbon, the revolutionary absorbent material.

Carbon nanotubes based adsorption filters opens up in the USA
Innovacarbon’s unique technology leads to many new paths 

Innovacarbon develops innovative nano structured, carbon material for industrial filtration. These nanotube compounds help filter wastewater from hydrocarbons, exhausted oils, textile dyes and many other pollutants, in a way no other filter on the market today can!


This unique product
will change how the environmental and industry fields
work today. 

A joint venture agreement has been signed between Innovacarbon Srl, the inventor and producer of the carbon nanotubes, Europrogetti Srl, an engineering company that designs and develops advanced technologies for water and wastewater treatment systems and Ventures Bridge Srl, a global business development company that assists a variety of companies to establish themselves on the US market.

Waste water treatment plants are only the beginning

The first phase of expansion will focus on the wastewater business in the Oil & Gas sector and the tannery and textile sector.

An initial market study has revealed many other potential routes

  • industrial and civil waste water treatment plants
  • reduction of chemical and energy consumption in wastewater treatment
  • pollutant recovery for reuse and cost optimization
  • downsizing new treatment plants to reduce start up investment

Says Silvano Storti, the CEO of Europrogetti srl, who is the technical partner in this venture: “The initial test at a textile wastewater treatment plant in India has confirmed amazing results. We can’t wait to get this nanotube technology in other plants. The potential is enormous. After 30 years in the industry, I can confirm that this technology is revolutionary.”

Says Danilo Vuono, founder and inventor of Innovacarbon Srl and the unique nanotube:  “The Innovacarbon nanotubes remove a wide range of contaminants with huge advantages that no other competitor can claim:

  • Filtering is done at a very high adsorption capacity
  • Sludge production is avoided
  • There is no chemical reaction or transformation during filtration process
  • There is no risk of unwanted reactions from by-products or other contaminants that are not present in the original wastewater.
  • Regeneration and reuse of adsorbent material is extremely high
  • The filter integrates into the production process very easily!”

Paolo Valente, co-founder and CEO of Ventures Bridge Inc., adds: “I know we have world winning, breakthrough technology here.  The high performances, the low environmental impact, and the possibility of multiple use cycles make it a unique product on the market and make an incredible impact on improving all those companies that in their production process need purification mechanisms.This joint venture will help us reach markets that really need it.