V-Shapes and Richmatt team up to deliver single-dose sachets in Malaysia and Indonesia

V-Shapes’ innovative single-dose sachet is about to take on this corner of the world.

Ventures Bridge is proud to be V-Shapes sales partner, promoting this innovative and practical packaging solution across the globe that produces single-dose sachets that can be opened with a single gesture using one hand.

The world of packaging is changing thanks to climate change issues, the push for a greener planet and the effects of the pandemic, placing increased attention on sustainable solutions and more focus on safety and hygiene.

Can packaging really do all this?

The answer is yes! V-Shapes’ unique solution produces less waste, is more recyclable throughout the product’s life cycle, is cost-effective and enables shipment of more product in less space. And that’s just scratching the surface of the value this revolutionary solution can bring to brands, packaging converters and co-packers alike.

V-Shapes sachets are hygienic, reduce product waste and spoilage and increase consumer convenience — no messy spills and no need for scissors or other implements.  And they are comprised of sustainable, recyclable substrates that reduce the environmental impact of single-dose packaging. In addition to the unique sachet design, V-Shapes has also created the packaging machines which fill, seal and cut the sachets, producing a final product that also includes high-quality branding and messaging through easily customized digital printing.


Success stories from around the globe

South African company, EasyPack Packaging, acquired a V-Shapes ALPHA machine to package food products such as honey, peanut butter, grappa and olive oils. CEO, Dr. Hennie du Plessis, says, “With this six-lane machine, we can produce close to 350,000 single-dose sachets per day. We are remarkably busy talking with overseas customers and believe we can keep two six-lane ALPHA machines busy full-time!”

In Thailand, NR Instant, a leading global manufacturer of sustainability produced ethnic, plant-based and functional foods, has four V-Shapes ALPHA packaging lines installed to support domestic and international distribution of a variety of products, including hand sanitizer. They also co-pack third-party products using the V-Shapes ALPHA lines.

“We decided to partner with V-Shapes in December 2019,” says NR Instant CEO Dan Pathomvanich. “We saw it as a super-cool solution that has provided us with a packaging option that unique and is very different from what everyone else is offering.”

Managing Partner Cesar Garcia of Health Supply US states, “Our original plan was to contract out the manufacture of single-dose branded sachets of hand sanitizer that we could hand out at events and for other uses. But it quickly became evident that it made more sense to actually install the equipment in our North Carolina plant. And once we installed our first ALPHA, we were already on our way to our second. With V-Shapes ALPHA, we can easily do on-site printing rather than outsourcing it.”

“We are looking forward to replicating these successes in Malaysia and Indonesia as well through our partnership with Richmatt,” adds Christian Burattini.


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