V-Shapes and Ventures Bridge sales partnership designed to grow visibility and installs for innovative V-Shapes packaging solutions.

Further expansion in Europe and the Far East anticipated

V-Shapes is an Italian producer of eco-friendly, single-portion sachets that enables products to be dispensed with a single gesture using one hand. Ventures Bridge is a global business developer that is helping increase installations of this revolutionary product on the globe!

V-Shapes offers an innovative single-dose, packaging solution for gel and liquid products in the cosmetics, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, medical and chemical markets. As V-Shapes’ sales partner, the goal of Ventures Bridge is to ensure that this innovative packaging solution gains visibility around the globe. Says Fabio Malfara, “Our partnership with V-Shapes is a perfect fit. We have already successfully promoted one of the most innovative packaging solutions on the market today in six countries and are looking forward to expanding that reach.”  Ventures Bridge helped close agreements with agents and distributors of packaging solutions in Poland, Japan, Portugal, Germany, Malaysia and Indonesia, among others. One example is the agreement with Richmatt Solutions in Malaysia and Indonesia and with Ocean System in Poland.

For packaging converters and co-packers – the primary players in the pack-and-fill sector – implementing a V-Shapes machine provides a differentiated offering that will not only delight existing customers but readily attract new ones. It is ideal for short, mid-sized and even some long runs, producing sachets on demand and reducing cycle time. A V-Shapes machine also opens up the opportunity to partner with companies that are not yet ready to introduce digital printing into their operation but want to be able to provide customers with these unique single-dose sachets, further driving growth and profitability.

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